Design Thinking

What is Design Thinking?

We know that teachers use their creativity to problem-solve every day. The TD4Ed design thinking curriculum harnesses these skills that teachers already use and provides a more rigorous and intentional approach to tackling challenges that are meaningful to teachers — whether they are within the classroom, school, district, or community.

Design Thinking Mindsets

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    Focusing on human values and need finding to develop a deep understanding of the people that matter most to the project or problem you’re trying to solve.

  2. 2


    Creativity is something you practice, not just a talent you’re born with by tapping into your natural ability to come up with new ideas.

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    Celebrating diversity of perspectives and expertise. Creating cross-disciplinary teams that enhances your creativity and capacity.

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    Testing your assumptions — ideas should start as a hypothesis to be validated. Engage real people with your low-fidelity prototypes and refine… again and again and again.

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    Embracing Failure

    Having a bias towards action to trying things out. Understanding that failure isn’t the end all, be all - but rather one of the best learning experiences you have.

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    Be visual in what you do and explain the wider story - not only the “what” and the “how”, but also the “why”.